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Professional Realtors for New Construction Builders in Massachusetts

Realtor for new construction Massachusetts
At Realty World Forest Realty, we take pride in our new construction sales niche, with brokers and sales associates knowledgeable and informed in design, construction concepts, construction management, building trends, and more.

As a builder, you know that selling your lots, homes and condos is a different game than just marketing a typical resale. Buyers want to know about systems and services, and about upgrades and changes. They are interested in what can be done, what can’t be done, and how best to get it done!

Because of the accessibility of Google, and industry information on the Internet, buyers are full of questions about icelyene insulation, shingle wind ratings, flood zones, stretch codes, engineered framing, Chinese drywall, PEX plumbing and the list goes on! The bottom line is that the buyers will ask….but will your broker have the answers? We do!

The primary focus of our business is new construction brokerage. As Realtors for new construction home builders in Massachusetts, we are not only licensed brokers, but licensed Construction Supervisors as well – and we have the answers your buyers are looking for.

Our expertise is critical not only in answering customer questions and allaying concerns, but in dealing with overzealous home inspectors, consultants and punch list items.

So here’s the deal – just having any old salesperson come in to sell the house isn’t going to bring the best possible price – your homes deserve better, and your business deserves better! Our unique ability to guide our clients through the process of a brand new home is unmatched in our market, and we take great pride in it. Give us a call – we’d be happy to discuss your sales options with you, and to help you take your new home sales to the next level!