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Promoting and marketing terrible quality home video tours are, in my view, one of the most harmful things a Realtor can do during the sale of a clients home.

For many potential buyers, the video tour is the only exposure they will ever have to that home, and unfortunately, bad quality, poorly produced videos are the norm! Check out this Hall of Shame compiled by my video tour provider to show just how terrible some of these products are!

Selecting an agent and brokerage that understands the value and importance of effective video marketing is critical in todays’ market. There is no other marketing tool that can have as much of an effect on your home sale than an effective video. It’s an open house, online, accessible to every potential buyer 24/7/365. In todays connected, media reliant world, much of our marketing is dependent on using social media to effectively promote, share, market, and ultimately sell your home. To this end, we understand the importance of hiring a professional to produce our video tours, and the results speak for themselves.


Here is my challenge to you..

Watch the aforementioned Hall of Shame series – then come back and watch our professional Real Estate Video Tours below – I guarantee you’ll be hooked!

10 Vinegar Hill Drive, SaugusOpen Video Tour in New Window

7 Powderkeg Way, SaugusOpen Video Tour in New Window

Adding Granite to Your Luxury Kitchen

Adding Granite to Your Luxury Kitchen

Probably the most common question I get asked by sellers is “Should I install granite in the kitchen? That will make the value go up right?

Here is the deal. If you are living in the home, and not talking about sale value here, then adding granite is a no brainer. It is a fantastic countertop material in that it is durable, long lasting, and looks great with very little maintenance! For that sake of this article, when I say granite, you can read granite, silestone, quartz, etc etc.

From a resale perspective however, there are more factors to consider. Adding granite countertops to your kitchen is a great way to add value in certian circumstances – but in others, it is a complete waste of time and money, and will only lead to disapointment when you get down to a final selling price.

Notice the title of this post – Adding Granite to Your Luxury Kitchen…

Luxury. If you have a luxury kitchen without granite, get it. Your home will lose all the value of that nice kitchen just beacuse you have an inferior counter material. Your $20,000 kitchen without granite is worth nothing in the minds of most buyers, at this level, and in that price range, simply because of inadequate countertops.

But lets say we aren’t talking about a luxury kitchen per se, and just an average kitchen, with average cabinets, in average condition. It’s probably still worth it to add granite. With prices starting at $40/sf for granite, most kitchens are doable for a couple of thousand bucks – this will translate into several thousand more in resale value. Granite is one of those visceral items that buyers see and love – especially in homes where the competition doesn’t have granite. If I had a penny for every time I’ve heard “Ooooooh honey, this one has granite” I’d be… well…. I’d have lots of pennies anyways.

Finally, what about my old drafty victorian built in 1860 with paperboard cabinets installed in 1945 by neighbor Ed when he had some time off? Probably not worth it – adding granite to a kitchen that is in all likelihood going to be gutted by a new buyer is a poor choice. Better to just let it go, sell it as-is, and invest the money elsewhere. Like a jet-ski. It will pay off about the same as the granite would in that case.